Friday, July 23, 2010


A note: Over the past several weeks my blogging schedule has been thrown off by vacations and trips; I’m now back to a normal schedule and hope to return to writing my blog on weekends.

In my blog for Thursday July 1, 2010 I wrote about the "Caroline Conspiracy" in which members try to give other people little glimpses of God's beauty and goodness by simple acts of kindness and consideration. In the past week I've been watching the conspiracy at work.

A week ago I was in San Francisco at a conference of educators. I’d scheduled an extra day at the end for sightseeing. Two other teachers made it known that they had done the same thing, and since one of them had a rental car I suggested that we might drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and go the few miles north to Muir Woods, the famous stand of giant redwoods. Neither of them had ever been there, so that was my gift to them. But then once in the woods we kept saying to each other “Oh, look at that over there! Isn’t that pretty?” and “Look how the fog is settling in those branches!” We kept giving these little gifts to one another. A couple of times I actually said “Thank you!” because I would have missed something lovely if that person hadn’t pointed it out to me. This, it seems to me, was a real example of the Caroline Conspiracy. It made the experience of the woods that much better for all of us.


Then during this past week we have had our new students in for a rather demanding week of orientation to Saint Benedict's Prep. I was involved in the actual orientation only slightly, but I still had plenty of opportunity to be a “Caroline” with an encouraging comment or a comforting smile to various petrified freshmen.

On Monday July 26 I’ll begin teaching a first-term elective course entitled “The Wisdom of Saint Benedict.” It occurs to me that as a teacher I’ll have countless opportunities to lift up the corner of the tapestry for my students. It may be an encouraging comment such as “You’re so much better than you’re showing me so far! Why not get an A!” or “Wow, what a beautiful ideal this is that Benedict is describing here! How cool is that!” I pray that I’ll be able to give my kids a lot of peeks at their own hidden beauty and goodness over the next five weeks.

Caroline, help me out!
=.............""Hey, look at the beautiful moss on that tree!"


  1. Rita Pereles LindsayJuly 26, 2010 at 3:14 PM

    I should definitely read you more often. You always push me to think and appreciate. I love the Caroline Conspiracy.

  2. Count on Caroline being on your side...however, I really I really don't think you need her help in the classroom. After so many years, I am sure you have had (and continue to have) more of an impact than you will ever know. Your interaction with the young men at St Benedict's is only 1 facet of your reach. God has truly blessed you with a gift. Thanks for sharing it!