Saturday, March 31, 2012


Medieval monks may have had an occasional shortage of vellum to write on (that's why they often took an existing manuscript and scratched the writing off so that they could re-use the scroll). But one problem they didn't have was the computer network being invaded by a virus and shutting down for a couple of days. So I've managed to borrow this laptop and its Verizon MiFi which doesn't depend on the local area network. But this will need to be short.
I invite you to scroll down to the "labels" column to the left, and click on "Palm Sunday." You'll find there two reflections on Palm Sunday from previous years, one rather lengthy and detailed, the other more modest in scope, but both rather worth reading, I think.
They say that the network will come back to life in three days.
Have a blessed Holy Week!

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  1. Several years ago I was at a pub talking with some friends who rarely attend Mass (lapsed Catholics). I mentioned that tomorrow was Palm Sunday and I would be attending Mass. One asked me to bring him some blessed Palms. It seemed very important to him He would be at the bar, yet was aware of Holy Week. He had an attentive attitude when I explained as best I could what event was celebrated on what day during Holy Week.
    So, I brought him some palms on Palm Sunday night. He had asked that I bring extra so he could distribute to some of his friends.
    When I saw him again, he volunteered that he had placed the blessed palms in a vase in the kitchen where he worked as an assistant chef.