Thursday, November 18, 2010



First, I apologize for missing last week. I’ve started physical therapy for my back, which takes up a total of about six hours a week. That’s enough to throw off anybody’s schedule. Also, this time last week I was reaching a Nov. 15 deadline for returning to Morehouse Publishing my responses to their edits on my latest book. No time for blogging. Oh, and all this week we’ve been having our Middle States evaluation which has meant FIVE meetings. Get the picture?

As a peace offering let me give you a peek at the book I just finished editing.


In my sixth book,Walking in Valleys of Darkness: A Benedictine Journey through Troubled Times, I invite the reader to walk with me through five periods of pain and difficulty in my own life, including, for example, the closing of St. Benedict’s Prep in 1972 and the death of my brother a few years later. In a series of twenty-four meditations I show how during those difficult times I often drew practical help and spiritual strength from reflecting on certain New Testament words such as courage, compassion and trust. The unique aspect of the book is that the insights come from studying the words in the original New Testament Greek, as you've seen me do at times in this blog. I present my insights in the form of down-to-earth reflections that I hope may be of help to anyone trying to cope with and even profit from life’s inevitable struggles and sufferings. The book is scheduled to be published by Morehouse Publishing in early February, 2011.


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