Saturday, April 4, 2009


The chapters for Holy Week in Pilgrim Road have as a common theme the kind permanent change which our Lenten pilgrimage can bring about in our lives. As Lent draws to a close we might do well to prepare ourselves for the fact that our Christian life will continue even after the joyful celebration of Easter. Keep this in mind as we make our way together through the final solemn days before Easter.
FAIR WARNING: Get ready to keep on walking with me on a new leg of the journey after Easter! But first, let's finish what we started and go up to Jerusalem together with the Lord.


  1. Dear Father Albert,
    My wife and I were really inspired this lent as you guided us down your "Pilgrim Road". Your insights into your own journey during your sabbatical were so meaningful and moving. We were very active in various ministries throughout our 45 years of married life. However, your inspiration encouraged us to take a new look at life in our retirement and perhaps continue on our journey with renewed energy to be open to do Our Lord's will in our lives.
    Thanks and have a blessed Easter!
    Mary and Terry

  2. Dear Mary and Terry,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I hope that as you continue on your journey you will stop by this blog now and then and offer your insights.